Rules and Regulations of Government

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Rules and Regulations of Government

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 10, 2015 3:13 am

This is an official place to discuss all matters of regional government and it's regulations on member nations. All topics here will be both out of character and in-character.

I. Remember to post appropriate content
Types of threads that can go in here include: regional census/poll threads that contain some sort of statistics about the nations in the region, Senate debates/proposals about region-wide issues that may or may not include a poll.

II. On the Senate
Senate threads shall be divided into in-character threads and OOC threads. In-character threads act more like the WA in NationStates and allow one to RP as a Senator from their respective nation, these threads shall debate and pass legislation that's been proposed by members and will determine the optional policies the majority believe each nation should obey regarding things like: the environment, weapon control, and energy use.

The Senate threads labeled OOC shall not be RP's and instead will determine official regional positions and rules regarding domestic issues and issues between other regions in NationStates.

III. Passing legislation
A proposition either IC and OOC can be created by any regional member that has not been banned. They will first create a debate thread presenting the rough draft of their bill. The topic's title should indicate whether this bill is IC or OOC and that it is a proposal. The poll should have two options: Approve and Veto, the thread/poll will run for as long a time as possible, during this time the nations of Cloudsdale shall help revise or ignore the proposed bill.  Failure to follow these regulations will result in thread deletion

Once the proposed bill has the support of 30% of senate members a new thread will be created by a moderator where the actual debate and passing/vetoing of the bill shall take place. After six days, the bill will be either accepted as new legislation an added to the Official List of Cloudsdale Laws, or be vetoed and forgotten.

IV. Remember to have fun!
Because fun is fun
Stew cranberries like apples
Tastes much more like prunes

V. Decency, folks!
Mostly self-explanatory. This is our casual fun section, it is not 4chan. Anything that would get you in trouble elsewhere in the forums, such as posting porn, cybersexing, promoting illegal activity, and so on will get you in trouble here too. So don't do it: you don't want the shame of getting banned or deleted over something you did in an offsite forum, do you?

Adapted from Basic Rules as borrowed from ns

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