Basic Rules as adapted from NS

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Basic Rules as adapted from NS

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 10, 2015 3:20 am

I. Remember to post appropriate content
Roleplay is our well, roleplay forum. Types of threads that can go in here include: chat/social role play threads that contain some form of conversation,non-region related roleplays, and other sorts of role-play.

II. Decency, folks!
Mostly self-explanatory. This is our super fun section, it is not 4chan. Anything that would get you in trouble elsewhere in the forums, such as posting porn, cybersexing, promoting illegal activity, and so on will get you in trouble here too. So don't do it: you don't want the shame of getting banned or deleted over something you did in an offsite forum, do you?

IV. The OP will have thread ownership in roleplay threads, and only roleplay threads.
The OP of a roleplay thread may ask the mods to remove posts from their roleplay for any reason, and may request specific people not participate. If the OP of a roleplay thread asks you to stop posting or leave, do so; continuing to post in a roleplay thread you have been told to leave can get you in trouble as harassment.As with flaming reports, We would prefer players try and resolve issues among themselves when possible, however when this is not viable, there's nothing wrong with asking the mods to intervene.

V. Remember to have fun!
Because fun is fun
Stew cranberries like apples
Tastes much more like prunes

Adapted from "The Seven Commandments of Forum 7" posted by Reploid Productions

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